Adult Beginner Course - Starting 17th January 2019


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This course is 7.30pm - 8.30pm on:

  • Thursday 17th January 
  • Thursday 24th January
  • Thursday 31st January

This three week course will cover all the basics to give you a good foundation of which to build your own climbing. It is a entry level version of our popular Adult Improver Course.

Week 1:

  • The Basics
  • Centre Etiquette
  • Warming up
  • Footwork: The importance?
  • Centre of Gravity

Week 2:

  • Movement Skills - weight transference on the wall
  • Rockover / Drop knee / Flagging / Pivotting
  • How body positioning is connected to the choice in technique
  • Heel/Toehooks
  • Engrams: What are they and why they are important
  • Hold Identification and how to maximise using them
  • Sidepulls/ undercuts/gastons/slopers/edges

Week 3:

  • The Process / Project day
  • From start to finish various tactics and techniques to employ when attempting on the limit boulder problems
  • Route reading - Hand / Foot sequencing
  • Trying ALL the moves, focusing on hard sequences and potential alternative methods
  • Other tactics: chalking / brushing / clean shoes / controllable factors affect success / KNOWing the method
  • Position A - B and the movement connection [generating the exact amount of momentum to complete the movement]
  • Introduction into specific climbing conditioning: fingerboard / campus board etc

Spaces are limited to 8 for this three week course. Booking in advance is necessary.